Dine at leisure

High Street Lounge is a vibrant social hub perfect for any gathering

at the heart of BGC. It is the best place to stay in with

friends, family, or business partners whether for a casual or formal meeting.


Floor-to-ceiling windows invite natural light in,

while the plush sofas and relaxing morning music

add to the friendly and elegant vibe.

At night, guests get to enjoy an extensive view of BGC High Street accompanied by a live entertainment program.


Shangri-La at The Fort Manila - High Str



Buensuceso uses his metalwork talent to bend and

shape steel and brass, making them malleable

and featherlight, as if they're drifting through the air.


On 6 wall panels, the artist welded metal narra, mango

and chestnut leaves. Narra is the national tree of

the Philippines (also namesake of the one of

the hotel's function rooms on the 4th floor),

mango is the national fruit, chestnut represents luck.

This piece is an ode to harmony and poetry in motion.


"Not only is the cafe equipped with features to make working out of the office convenient, but it's designed to be homey and cozy, too — not to mention the fact that it's very easy on the eyes."

SPOT PH, 2019